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North Coast Custom Arcades

Discover our Upright, Cocktail, and Bartop Cabinets, plus the Ultimate Karaoke Jukebox, for the Supreme Game Room Experience.

Arcade DK

About us

Some places might just put your design on a cabinet and call it custom. But hey, we're Northcoast Custom Arcades, and custom isn't just part of our name for nothing. We're all about making what you dream up a reality. You'll work directly with our engineers—yeah, the real tech wizards—to build something that's more 'you' than anything off the shelf. So, if you're looking for something genuinely tailor-made, you've hit the right spot.

Our Systems

Arcade Systems

Touchscreen Jukeboxes
Arcade Cabinet Kits
Virtual Pinball

A Perfect Gaming Experience

The perfect gaming experience with North Coast Custom Arcades cabinet kits transcends the ordinary, inviting players into an immersive world where classic design meets cutting-edge technology.

Work with us

At Northcoast Custom Arcades, we’re always looking to collaborate with businesses that are passionate about gaming. If you create arcade systems and need a reliable manufacturer for your cabinets, we might have the perfect partnership opportunity for you. Whether your expertise lies in technology, design, or customer engagement, we’re interested in teaming up to create amazing arcade games. Let’s chat and see how we can work together to bring your arcade visions to life!

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