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  • Typically, our products take 7-10 business days to manufacture and ship. However, if there is an additional lead-time, we will post a notice on the front page of our website to keep you informed of any potential delays. Please note that our lead times do not include weekends. For more customized orders, the manufacturing time can extend to 4-12 weeks, depending on our current order queue. If you haven't received a shipping notice via email after the expected timeframe, please rest assured we haven't forgotten you. We might be a little more behind than anticipated. Feel free to check in for an updated estimate.

  • Our systems do not come with game ROMs for a couple of reasons. Many game ROMs are the intellectaul property of their creators and protected under copyright and trademark laws. In addition, Northcoast Custom Arcades is unable to provide support for game ROMs. We can only support our own software and systems. We have provided a method to easily add game ROMs to our systems with a couple clicks of the mouse button.

  • Our name isn't Northcoast CUSTOM arcades for nothing! We can customize anything. If you want a custom control panel layout, speaker cutouts, coin door...we can do it for a nominal customization fee. If you need something a little more elaborate, such as changing the overall width, height or style (or just need something completely new) us right away for a quote!

  • Our whole shop is a showroom! But if you are looking for something specific, we typically build to order..which means it ships as soon as it is assembled and tested. If you are local and want to see something before making a purchase...give us a call and we can make arrangements.

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