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Custom is our middle name! 


Some arcade builders and manufacturers will simply slap a customized graphic onto their cabinets and call it "Custom". We can certainly make these customizations to any one of our cabinets. We work with talented graphic artists. However, if you truely want a "Custom" arcade system, you've come to the right place. Custom is our much so that it is even in our company name "Northcoast Custom Arcades". Our engineers will work directly with you to turn your conceptions into reality!

Past Projects:

  The TRON Project

This arcade was built with a large 32" High Definition LCD display. The cabinet was custom designed for a more modern and ergonomic style that is much taller than a typical cocktail arcade.

To make the 2-player horizontal games more comforable to play, we installed a mechanical lift to tilt the screen into a vertical postion. Tron style trigger joysticks were installed on all control panels along with push-pull spinner controls and illuminated buttons.

Soon after the Tron Project, we had the opportunity to do something similar on several other arcade systems...Adding slide out drawers, keyboard trays, external ports, etc...

  Clear Acrylic Pedastal Arcade

This 4 player control panel was made from clear acrylic and backlit with RGB color changing led lights. Complete with cupholders built right into the controller, this pedastal arcade system is sure to be the life of the party.

This customer wanted a marquee showing the name of the game currently being played. We embedded an LED display right into the base of the pedastal.

The RGB backlighting can be changed to a static color, fade from one color to another, or change with the sounds of the game being played

  Paintball Vending Machine

The owner of a paintball field wanted a way for customers to purchase paintballs without having to wait in long lines. We first researched what was available on the market. We were only able to find vending machines that vended pre-counted "pods" of paintballs. Not finding anything that dispensed individual paintballs, we designed one from scratch.

Utilizing an existing paintball hopper, we designed 3D printed components to count and control the number of paintballs to dispense.

  The MAMALIEN Project

This arcade required three seperate systems. A computer system for the multi-game portion, another dedicated computer system strictly for the game Aliens Extermination, and a PS4 (Playstation). We designed a three way switch that powered on the selected gaming system and powering off all other systems. All controls, audio and video are diverted to the selected gaming system.

The guns used for the Aliens extermination game required a hard mount (opposed to hand held), which posed an they needed to be higher and further away from the screen than the multi-game controller, which means they would be in the way of the controller. We mounted the guns on a set of mechanical arms that swing into position when the game system selection switch is activated for the "Aliens Extermination" game system. We used a set of high powered electro magents to lock the arms into place.

We installed a mechanical sliding tray that actuates when the game selection switch is set for the PS4 system, remote controlled multi-colored lighting system, and a concealed drawer for holding the arcade accessories.

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